Finstanon is a fast solution for financial analysis and interpretation. It saves time for professionals in financial analysis same as for newcomers. The result includes following elements and their interpretation:

STEP 1 Download and input your data into tables: - balance sheet and income statement can be analyzed; - both IFRS and US GAAP standards accepted; - simple manual data input that takes around 10 minutes.
STEP 2 Wait until Finstanon performs instant analysis of your data - more than 15 different types of analysis applied; - more than 40 business ratios calculated; - tables, diagrams and textual interpretations generated.
STEP 3 Get a detailed report on your company's performance and position - detailed report on your company's performance and position in .doc format; - accurate calculations and smart factual conclusions; - fast, simple and quality service.
Why use Finstanon:
Accurate calculations Smart and unique factual conclusions on the financial condition and financial effectiveness
Useful for managers, investors, creditors, suppliers, regulatory organizations All data can be saved for multiple use Software makes the report generation simple and fast
Development in progress